Creation Date
1931 – 1955


40.640 cm. H Item (Overall)

"This tan-colored model of a teepee shows the poles sticking out of the top which provide the framework of a tepee. Two poles on the outside hold open a flap of skin at the top which can be closed when weather demands it. Model lacings above the triangular "door" indicate the spot on a real tepee where the opening can be made larger when the weather is warm. A drawing of an Indian head decorates each side of the opening. This model rests on a wooden octagonal base, and the entire figure is 16 inches tall. The Arapaho students at Concho in Oklahoma gave me this tipi after a banquet they had in my honor." 2007 - There is a shell and bead tassel at the top. The bottom of the base reads: "Sold - Miss Cleora Helbing - Compliments of Concho Indian School (Irene Parsons)"

Related People and Organizations
Helbing, Cleora

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