Creation Date
1862 – 1930
Diary, 1862-1930 kept by Lewis Johnson, Goodhue. There is a small book for each year. Started during the Civil War years. Goodhue/Goodhue County/MN/USA A new number (1.3.2975 - ) was given to this collection in October, 2007.

Photograph of the interior of Claydon Drug store. Main Street store. P. H. Claydon for 42 years owned and operated the Claydon Pharmacy on Main Street. He retired in 1953 handing over the business to his son Charles. Shortly after arriving in the city of Red Wing, Claydon opened what is now the City Drug Store on Bush Street and operated it until 1911. He was in the same location on Main Street ever since. See location screen.
Geographic Notes
Red Wing/Goodhue County/MN/USA

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