Creation Date
1850 – 1870
Business cards, bills of lading, pages from old day books, receipts and more 1850s, 60s, 70s Located in SC 1098./USA Inventory: Card, admission to World's Columbian Expo, 1893 Card, souvenir, RW Centennial 1938 Card, O. F. Smith, Red Wing Card, Esdaile Mill Co. Card, Lakeside Hotel, Frontenac Card, Ticket, world Columbian Expo 1893 Israel Garrard Ticket, Democratic Ticket, Baseball, 1898 Ticket, Republican Certificate, Land office certification 1855 Card, Institute Cadets banquet Picture ad, Mazeppa Mill Co 1884 Picture ad, Minnesota Elevator Co 1885 Receipt -Red Wing Collegiate Institute 1878 Receipt - Jones and Cole 1870 Promise to pay- SB Foot and Co. Receipt - Jennison and Perkins 1870 Deed, Military Bounty Land Warrant Tax receipt- Goodhue Cty 1859 Land warrant-official statement, military bounty Receipt- Dr. Hirum Reynolds Receipt- Stemer Henry Clay Receipt - Steamer Northern Belle Receipt- Steamer Canada Receipt - Steamer Fred Lorenz Receipt- Steamer Hawk State Poem - Goodbye SS Leurs 1918 Receipt Steamer Favorite 1810 Receipt Steavmer Northerner Receipt Steamer Grey Eagle Card Pierce Simmons and Co. Receipt WM L. Ewing 1860 Receipt Steamer War Eagle 1860 Card G. R. Sterling and Co Prospectus RW Oil and Mining Co. Receipt Steamer Aunt Letty Receipt Steamer Metropolitan Receipt TB Sheldon 1890 Receipt Steamer Itasca Receipt Steamer Fanny Harrts Receipt Steamer Annie Johnston Bill of Lading Brown and Betcher Bill of Lading Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, Railway 1863 (3) Receipt Steamer Ocean Wave Bill of Lading Galena, Dubuque and Minnesota Packet Co to Brown and Betcher Receipt Steamer Golden Era (2) Receipt Bill of Lading Steamer Canada Receipt Steamer Henry Clay Receipt Steamer Frank Steele (2) Receipt Steamer Northern Light Receipt Steamer Grey Eagle Receipt Steamer Emma Receipt Steamer Flora Receipt RW post office Bill of lading For Hiram Brown (4) Receipt to Steamer Milwaukee Receipt to Steamer Key City (2) Receipt to Steamer Favorite Bill of Lading Steamer McLellan Receipt Steamer Pembina (2) Receipt Steamer Wenona Bill of lading STeamer Key City 1860 License Internal Revenue License Certificate Granting miilitary bounty land 1855 Legal claim MN Territory claim, Wm. Brown, attorney Letter reply to request contract to raise sunken steamers Mound date possible Indian mounds stats Voided check pay to Chas. Kiewert and Co Doculment written by Robert Ives 1885 Bill of lading STeamer Nor Belle to Brown and B. Receipt packages received 1863 Receipt package NSExpresss co. Bill from Pierce, Simmons and co 1878 Transport bill from Christiania Grand Hotel Ad card Solar tip shoes Card Reynold Brothers shoes (2) Bill of sale - Brown and Betcher 1859 Bill of sale - steamer Coment and Courier Account Charles Betcher 2 pieces Bill of sale to JE CHapman 1856, 1857 Bill of sale Stephen Cady Bill of sale Thad Kelle (2) Order for goods - Betcher Co.

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