Creation Date
1931 – 1955


10.160 cm. H x 10.795 cm. W x 8.255 cm. D Item (Overall)

10.160 cm. Diameter

10.160 cm. H x 10.795 cm. W x 8.255 cm. D x 11" H x 8.5" W

Bowl. This round bowl is a reddish brown pottery made by the Acoma Indians. It measures 4 inches in diameter by 4 inches high and is narrower at the base, but enlarging toward the rim. Notice the beautiful geometric design in shades of white, tan and reddish brown on the 3 inch band around the circumference. The coloring is typical of Acoma pottery. This bowl, while small, is a very fine piece of pottery. 04/31/05: The top 1/2 inch surrounding the mouth is glossy red-brown as is the bottom 1 1/2 of the pot. Below the top band the decoration fills the sides. Four V-shaped sections of "checkerboard" diamond shapes alternating in white and tan in a matte slip. Each diamond is about 1/2 inch. Each V points down and is bordered by matte red-brown scallops outlined with a thin white strip. In the inverse V space is a three-stepped smaller V or red-brown matte slip surrounded by a tan matte background.
1968 Mohian yearbook.

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