Creation Date
Consumer package insert information sheet for ThyroSafe ptassium iodide tablets fur use in a radiation emergency. Came in Thyrosafe box 2012.12.1. The insert is white paper with black print. It contains information about ThyroSafe, potassium iodide tablets USP, 65 mg, abbreviated KI. The insert has information on description, indications, directions for use, dose, how to make a liquid mixture, warnings, how it works, who shouldn't take it, how and when to take it, side effects, what to do if side effects occur, and how supplied. Goes with box 2012.12.1. Located with box. People living within a certain distance from the Xcel Energy Priarie Island Nuclear Generating Plant could (and still can in 2012) turn in a voucher located in the Xcel Energy Prairie Island Emergency Planning Guide and Calendar to specific Target pharmacies to receive the medication free of charge. The donor turned in a voucher and received the medication a few years ago (after 2003 and before 2011). It was kept in her medicine cabinet.

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