Creation Date
early 20th century


41.910 cm. H Item (Overall)

17.780 cm. Diameter

Cruet "Dinner caster - 5 fancy etched glass bottles, silver plated. 16" high. Hand engraved ornamentation on holder. Cost about $2.30." The caster revolves on a stationary 5" base. There are five holes to hold the bottles and a geometric design around the outside. A handle sticks up from the center. It is adorned with flowers and feathers. All the bottles have fitted bases to keep them from falling through the holes in the revolving holder. The design is a floral motif around the center and rows of etched ovals above and below. There are two 9.5 inch tall bottles with glass stoppers for oil and vinegar. There are two 7.5 inch bottles with shaker tops for salt and pepper. One is stained from the pepper. The last one is 6.5 inches tall with a flip open top with a notch in it for a spoon or other serving utensil.

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