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48.260 cm. H x 25.400 cm. W Item (Overall)

Honor Roll. A list of members of East Zion Lutheran Church serving in the military ca. 1918. The names are: Casper Aaberg, Selmer Anderson, John Aslakson, Oscar Aslakson, Tosten Borstad, Gilman Dokken, Ole Dokken, Edards Ellertson, Edwin Ellertson, Leo Ellertson, Edwin Erickson, Olaf Erickson, John Evjen, Arnold Guldbrandson, Ole Harstad, Milo Hippe, Clarence Hoff, Peter Ingvaldson, Albert Nelson, Oscar Nelson, Henry Nordland, Judin Stadsvold.

Related People and Organizations
Aaberg, Casper Ingvald
Anderson, Selmer
Aslakson, John Martin
Aslakson, Oscar
Borstad, Tosten
Dokken, Gilman
Dokken, Ole Odin
Ellertson, Edward C.
Ellertson, Edwin
Ellertson, Leo
Erickson, Edwin
Evjen, John "Johnnie"
Guldbrandson, Arnold
Harstad, Ole
Hippe, Milo
Hoff, Clarence
Ingvaldson, Peter
Nelson, Albert
Nelson, Oscar
Nordland, Henry
Stadsvold, Judin
Erickson, Olaf

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