Creation Date
1920 – 1955

30.480 cm. Diameter

"This 12 inch in diameter plate is high polished jet black. On the face of the plate is a feather design radiating from a polished center circle. The design stands out by leaving the spaces between the feathers and the bands around the rim of the plate unpolished, while the polish itself is achieved by rubbing the unfired clay with a very smooth stone. The jet black color is obtained not though paint, but through adding animal manure when the pottery is fired. This plate was made by Marie (Maria Martinez), the most famous of the San Ildefonso Pueblo potters. It is perhaps the most valuable piece of pottery in my collection." It is signed "Marie" which means it is probably an early (ca. 1920's) piece. She signed her later work Maria & Julian. There is a file in the family cabinet on the conservation of this piece.

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