Jar, Preserving


Creation Date
1858 – 1900


13.970 cm. H x 5.080 cm. W Item (Overall)

Clear glass mason jar is 5.5" high with a screw top 2" wide and a shoulder rest for a rubber ring .5" down from screw top. Inscription on one side of jar is "Mason's Patent Nov. 30, 1858." Opposite the printing is a wide wing cross with the initial "N" in one wing - J.J. Co. in each other wing.On the bottom of the jar is the inscription "Pat. Nov 26-C7-86" The aluminum screw cover has a porcelain glass lining at the base of the cover. THe inscription on the glass is "Boyd's Genuine Porcelain lined". This jar was used by an aunt of Lou Robards who came from Kansas.

Related People and Organizations
Robards, Lulo

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