Transparency, Lantern-slide


Creation Date
Colored glass lantern slide transparency advertising Wanons Hardware and Electric of Brownsdale (Mower County). There is a drawing of a man being zapped by electricity. It says "DON'T TAKE CHANCES/ELECTRICAL WORK/Promptly Attended to by/Wanons Hardware and Electric/ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING/Brownsdale/Phone 47". At the bottom of the transparency it says "KANSAS CITY SLIDE CO.". Around the sides of the transparency is white paper with black print that says "(star) KANSAS CITY SLIDE CO." and "Slides Made to Order/Advertising, Lecture, Song, etc.". It looks like the slides were generic, with the business name inserted at the bottom. The lantern slide transparency is 4" x 3 1/4" with a 3/8" wide black paper tape border. Condition - Good. Goes with slide projector 1.1.6635b.

Old #

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