Negative, Film


Creation Date


4.25 in. H Item (Overall)

"Farmers Store Dollar Day". Film negative of one woman handing a piece of paper to another, outside of a store. 4 7/8" x 3 7/8"

Jug: 1990 commemorative mini fancy jug with cork bottom diameter. It has an Albany glaze top and a zinc glaze bottom. It has an applied handle. It has a red ink wing stamp on the body of the jug and a red and silver foil wing sticker that reads, "Red Wing / 1990." The bottom is glazed with an unglazed rim. On the bottom is a blakc ink circular stamp that reads "RED WING / COLLECTORS SOCIETY 1900 / Convention / July 12-14." Outside the circle it says, "R & N China--Carrollton, OHIO." There is also an impressed "USA" on the bottom. See location screen.
Geographic Notes

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